Showing Seniors You Care

DIY Project

Some senior citizens can feel isolated a lonely. A simple visit, even a virtual visit, can make all the difference in their day. Help bring cheer to a senior center near you by sending notes or doing virtual activities!

Note About Volunteering at Home:

The impact of COVID-19 continues to change our daily lives and routines, but the volunteers that nonprofits rely on are more important than ever. The following project can be modified to do at home and delivered via mail or drop off to adhere to the social distancing guidelines set by local and national authorities.

We encourage you to connect with the nonprofits and NGOs in your area for the most impactful ways to donate and any specific safety guidelines they may have. To get started, you can check out your local Points of Light Global Network affiliate or Points of Light Service Enterprise, or search the web for local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. Be sure to ask:

  • “Would your facility be open to receiving this project I’m working on at home once it’s complete?”
  • “Are there others way I can help?”

Pre-Project Discussion:

  • Why is it important to care about seniors?
  • What are some ways to help senior citizens combat feelings of anxiety and loneliness?

What You Need:

  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Yarn
  • Felt
  • Markers, crayons or colored pencils
  • A playlist
  • A computer
  • Bingo call numbers (for you to keep)
  • Bingo cards and markers (to send the home)
  • Your props if doing an entertainment-variety show


  1. Contact a senior center/retirement home and ask if they will accept homemade cards. For older youth, ask if it is possible to host virtual event such as virtual BINGO or variety show (singing, dancing, juggling – use your talents to entertain!). Remember to ask the center if they have rules or restrictions against certain materials.
  2. If making cards, decide what type of cards you’re making and have fun. Don’t worry if they aren’t perfect! Mail them to the center once complete.
  3. If doing virtual BINGO or entertainment, test the app you’ll be using and with the senior center/retirement home before the scheduled event.
  4. Be sure to mail the material in enough time if you’re having a virtual event.
  5. Have fun during the event. Sometimes things don’t go perfectly, technology doesn’t work as smoothly as you want. However, the people on the other end will be happy to have the connection.

Reflection Questions: 

  • How do you think your project made a difference for senior citizens feeling isolated or lonely?
  • What other unmet needs might senior citizens in your community have?
  • How else can you and your friends encourage more interaction between youth and senior citizens in your community?
Download The DIY Project PDF