Friends of Food Banks

DIY Project

Food banks and pantries serve a great service to those in need of food in our communities. Do a virtual fundraiser to help them raise funds to feed even more neighbors

Why Is It Important?

Food banks and pantries are seeing an increase in visitors and may not have enough in food donations to meet those needs. By completing virtual fundraisers, you can help them help others.

What You Need:

  • A food bank or pantry you want to support. You can find one at
  • A fundraising idea. This can be a virtual walk-a-thon in your back yard or a dance-a-thon in your living room
  • A way to collect donations electronically
  • A social media or email account to advertise your efforts
  • A way to thank those that volunteer


  1. Reach out to people through your preferred method (email, social media, etc.) to let them know what you’re doing and ask them to support
  2. Collect the donations and send them to your food bank or pantry of choice
  3. Be sure to thank your donors and supporters. Even if people can’t donate but send encouraging words, be sure to thank them as well!

Reflection Questions:

  • There are a lot of people and organizations that support those in need. How else can support the “helpers”?
  • What are other ways you can encourage others to support people and organizations that help those in need?
Download The DIY Project PDF