Comfort in a Bag

When an emergency strikes, it isn’t only property that gets damaged—many kids and teens lose toys, blankets and other items that make them feel safe. You can help console a kid or teen who has lost the comforts of home with a goody bag filled with snacks, toys and more.

Note About Volunteering at Home:

The impact of COVID-19 continues to change our daily lives and routines, but the volunteers that nonprofits rely on are more important than ever. The following project can be modified to do at home and delivered via mail or drop off to adhere to the social distancing guidelines set by local and national authorities.

We encourage you to connect with the nonprofits and NGOs in your area for the most impactful ways to donate and any specific safety guidelines they may have. To get started, you can check out your local Points of Light Global Network affiliate or Points of Light Service Enterprise, or search the web for local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. Be sure to ask:

  • “Would your facility be open to receiving this project I’m working on at home once it’s complete?”
  • “Are there others way I can help?”

What You Need:

  • Water bottles
  • Single-serving snack packages
  • Stationery for letters
  • Books
  • Stuffed animals
  • Blankets or sweatshirts
  • One-gallon resealable plastic bags
  • Optional: permanent markers


  1. Contact local agencies that help families in times of disaster and crisis and ask what is most needed in a kit for children who have temporarily lost their homes.
  2. Ask for permission to donate evacuation kits for children. Determine what to include in the kit.
  3. Contact friends, family, and local organizations to ask for donations to purchase the supplies needed for evacuation kits. Be sure to safely collect the items, adhering to social distancing guidelines.
  4. Collect or purchase the supplies and set a date for assembly.
  5. Organize the supplies for assembly and letter writing.
  6. In the letter, share a comforting personal story or lighthearted joke, using language appropriate for the age of your audience.
  1. Optional: Decorate the bags with a cheerful message or picture.
  2. Assemble the gathered materials into the bags. Put a letter in each one.
  3. Deliver the bags to the agency that has agreed to distribute your kits.

Reflection Questions:

  • What things or words do you think would help comfort a child during a disaster?
  • What types of disasters are likely in your area? How do people prepare for that type of emergency?
  • What would you miss most if you were displaced from your home in a disaster?
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